I've recently hosted a hi-fi audio listening / dj event here in Houston, TX at a store that sells very expensive high end audio (Linn, Vandersteen, etc...) I was inspired to do this because of the popularity of these types of events in Japan, and wanted to introduce something new to people who were familiar with high-end audio, but not so much with DJ culture, and vise-versa, people that were older DJ friends, but not so familiar with the niche h-fi market. This also gave me an opportunity to play records that I have never played in a club setting (remember, this is in Texas - USA), like ambient, dub techno, jazz - all of which are a huge part of my collection.

Anyway, I put this mix together 2 days after the event, and tried to keep that same feeling and atmosphere I was able to create at the listening party. Hope you enjoy.

All vinyl mix recorded with a pair of 1210's and the Bozak AR4 Rotary mixer.

Toki Fuko - Spring Ray (original) - Silent Season
G. R. I. T. - Drifting From The Bay - Meanwhile
Ozel AB - Positronic Dreams - Workshop
Sven Weisemann - Monistic - Echocord
Porn Sword Tobacco - Untitled - Acido Records
Andy Stott - Science And Industry - Modern Love
A Reminiscent Drive - Foot Prints - F Communications
Merrin Karras – Elevate - A Strangely Isolated Place
Yula Kasp – Leisure (Rebolledo Remix) - Kill The DJ
Bitstream – Monolith - Signal
Vincent Lavon - Untitled - Novel Sound
Mike Schommer - City Sleeps - Primary Colours
Donato Dozzy - K1 - Further Records